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We cycled through East Africa and Southern Africa from June to September 2006, covering about 3500kms – half of it on unsealed roads and trails and all but 3 days in the hills and mountains.

Our ride took us around 3 of the world's largest lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. Less than 1000km from each other in the heart of Africa, they sit in very different terrains in or near the Great Rift Valley and flow into the Nile, Congo and Zambezi rivers before finally emptying into the distant Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. For most of our trip however we were away from the lakes’ edges, riding through the forests, savannah, farms and villages in the mountains and plateaus of the surrounding countries.

For the entire time we were amazed at the friendliness and hospitality of everyone we met and the massive diversity of languages, cultures and landscapes. Every few days we seemed to find some diversion to take us off our bikes for a while making for our slowest but most interesting tour to date.

The trip took us through:


Uganda - Central and East

Uganda - Southwest



Tanzania - West




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