Robert Munro
/ Rob Munro


Cycling through Kenya in June 2006.

Getting started in Nairobi.

Peter's shoe got stuck in his pedal and he fell in the these bushes.

We met David after riding through his village - he heard we were coming through and rode with us for a couple of hours. He's on Kenya's national team, so he was just a little bit faster than us.

Great views and good times crossing the Great Rift Valley.

A monkey looking for food in my bags and our first zebras.

Other cyclists - the kid on the back of bike didn't know what to make of us.

Riding down off the mountains we met our fan club.

Beautiful views at over 2000 metres and Peter fixing his bike.

Stopping for a soda while Peter fixed his bike again.

We made to lake Victoria just in time for Peter's bike to completely fail. He headed back to Nairobi to get it fixed with the help of David who we met a few days ago (saviour!). I headed across the Ugandan border to catch up with Paul in Mbale and met Peter there the following week to continue our trip through Uganda.