Robert Munro
/ Rob Munro


On safari in Tanzania and Kenya in September 2006.

Ngorongoro Crater.

A lion deciding what to eat - choice of zebras or canned primates.

Buffaloes; zebras mixing with gazelle and a hyena; zebras rolling in the dust; and wilderbeast.

Ostrich, gazelle and a tired lion yawning.

Hippos yawning and rolling in the mud.

Old male lion coming over to sit in the shade of a car.

Cheetah looking over the plains.

Tarangire National Park - giraffes, zebras and gazelle.

These elephants hid behind a tree but we could still see them.

Dik-diks - cute little miniture dear.

We didn't see any leopards but did see the result of one's meal still up a tree.

Rock hyrax - they look like mice but their closest living relatives are actually elephants. They tend not to miz with elephants unless looking for backup in a fight.

Zebras close-up.

Giraffe hanging with the zebras and elephants at the river.

We dropped in on David who we'd met on our first day riding - despite all our riding him and his protégés where still much faster than us when we headed out for a ride in the hills outside Nairobi.

Masai Mara - the highlight of our safaris was watching a pride of lions tear apart a zebra. The beauty of nature...

Dear fighting and a cheetah looking on.

More than anything else, we saw animals just lying around yawning - especially the lions.

Some people travelled in sturdy SUVs but we were in an old 4x4 van that got 4 flat tires in just 2 days.

Wilderbeast, zebra and a vulture in a tree; vultures tucking into a meal; and the migration of hundreds of wilderbeast from Kenya back to Tanzania.

Our guide Kios - like all Masai warriors he had to kill a lion with a spear to be initiated. Those kind of reflexes made him an excellent spoons player.

Crocodiles. Like most animals we saw they just sat there no matter how much we taunted them.

Hyenas, vultures a bored dear and an giraffe family on our final drive.