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Peter and I cycled along the Californian coast in July 2009 - giant redwoods, golden hills, and a whole lot of fog. All these photos are by Peter - with thanks!

Starting out in Humbolt county.

Ferndale - our first break and first flat tire.

From the coastal farms into the redwood forests, among the world´s tallest trees.

The trees were big enough to ride through - some with more room to spare than others.

The Eel river- a nice place to take breaks in the 100 degree heat.

On the 3rd day we left the small roads winding near the 101 for Route 1 and the cold windy Lost Coast.

There was only one place selling hot food on this stretch of road - a general store with hotdogs. It had a plastic duck. Peter took a dozen photos of this duck. I don´t know why but it was obviously important so I include one here.

After crossing into Mendicino county we traded in the fog and black-sand beaches for sunshine, a tail-wind, and golden sands.

We left route 1 and crossed the San-Andreas fault for forests and golden hills on roads with zero traffic. We rode 100 miles until sunset, eventually crashing under some trees in the middle of nowhere.

Monte Rio - we entered wine country in Sonoma county, but a little to close to the coast for vineyards - mostly redwoods, farms, and restored (organic) villages. Peter ignored suggestions that he was towing too much gear behind him.

Back to Point Reyes on the coast, and back into the fog.

Marin country - the home of mountain biking! We climbed old trails to the top of Mt Tam, and looked down over the San Francisco bay.

We crossed this big red bridge heading into the city - a cool looking structure that deserves more recognition.

Home! After a week on the road we took a day´s break in SF.

Bridget, Tyler, Matt and Andrew cycled with us for the day to Half Moon Bay. We partied that night with a dozen or so others who joined us at the bay - photos not suitable for this family-friendly website.

On the road to Santa Cruz there was a Pie-Barn. I didn´t know such a thing existed.

Santa Cruz - home to the Lost Boys theme park, and the "Bicycle Church" where they let me borrow tools to replace 2 broken spokes - thanks guys!!

We continued through Montery and into Big Sur, past thousands of lazing sea lions.

The end of the trip! After 2 weeks and about 1000kms we had an amazing final 2 days cycling through Big Sur.