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With Mark Belinsky, we cycled across the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the two nations that make up the island of Hispaniola, from late 2011 to 2012. Having both worked on a number of international development projects supporting Haiti, it was nice to get the chance to see the island at ground level and meet people in a day-to-day context.

Many of these pictures are also on a Tumblr site that we set up for the trip:

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We started in Punta Cana, on the furthest east of the island. It was a strange place to begin - the place was mostly all-inclusive high-walled resorts, but then the two days north from there took us through the most remote part of the entire trip.

The best bbq on the entire trip - thanks 'Gordo' - and crossing in style to the Samanß Peninsula.

Scenes from 'Mark pursing in doorways with drinks'

Satellite dishes and salt water don't mix

Lush green land.

Two different kinds of roads - a backroad with more horses than cars, and a new bypass with pretty much noone except two cyclists racing a storm.

Food on the road - from fruit markets, to fried fish, dusty diners and coconut palms on the beach.

A short-cut that took us three times as long over the top of a mountain - worth it!

Cruising into Imbert, where the finest restaurants overlook lush forest and are decorated with 90's ghetto blasters.

Crossing into Haiti - the border is less dramatic than on the Dominican Republic side.

Arriving in Cap-Ha´tien where we rung in the new year!

Where not to ride. The roads were better than we expected, but not without hurdles

With thanks to the many colorful busses and trucks that did not hit me.

Villages on the pass from the north of Haiti to the West.

The highest pass, and welcome drinks at the top.

Mock the wrong guy and this is what happens to your bike - repairs in Gona´ves.

Final stop! Touring the markets of Port-au-Prince, having crossed Hispaniola in just over two weeks.